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‘Cheong A Good Food Co.’ was established with honesty and trust held as the top value of the company.

The success of our company has been possible due to the love of our customers. Built on the strength and loyalty of our customers, a second factory was erected in 2010 to complement our previous state of the art factory built in 2008. Upon receiving the HACCP certification by MFDS our company introduced a strict sanitation management system, illustrating our full commitment to ‘clean and safe products’.
In order to advance into the global market, we have registered production/processing facilities for marine products exported to the EU, China and Russia since 2012. After receiving the Halal Food Certification in 2014, exports have been steadily increasing, reaching US$1 million in exports in 2011 and US$2 million in 2016. In support of our efforts, ‘Cheong A Good Food’ has received a commendation, commendation from the governor of Gangwon Province (2016) and a commendation by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) for our contribution to national industrial development through regional industrial development, for the holding of the International Trade Investment Fair, and for agriculture, food and rural development. ‘Cheong A Good Food’ will do its best to be a company that provides the best taste, value and high-quality service with the corporate philosophy of ‘safe food that leads people to a healthy dining table’

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Cheong A Good Food CEO

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